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    Through using this website you will be confirming that you agree with the terms and condition of this website. Kindly note if you do not agree to any of the following terms refrain from using this website.  Out terms and condition may change and hence you are advised to check out current policy before using our services.  By placing an order on this website you will be confirming that you have read all our terms and conditions and that you will also agree to be bound legally by these terms. 

    Definition of terms 

    Website” means fine-writers.com  

    Customer/ client” is the person who places an order through this website in order to obtain product according to the requirement and he/she is governed by the terms and condition outlined in this website.  

    Product” means an original essay, paper or any other written material that is drafted by the writer and written as per the customer specification. 

    Order” refers to the electronic form that the customer is supposed to fill and submit online in our website. The order is supposed to specify the timeline for the product and any other requirement as requested by the customer 

    Support Team” is the part of the company structure that is supposed to assist and coordinate the order process or any other services 

    Chat system” the system that helps to coordinate the messaging between the customers with the writers and or the support team/ admin 

    Our services 

    This website provides an online platform where the customers can find the freelance writers who provide a range of services including writing from scratch, high quality essays, proofreading, dissertation and other writing services.  The main aim of our website is to ensure that all the services provided help to assist the customer to meet his or her academic goals. All the products are drafted by the writers who thereafter transfer those rights to the customers. 

    According to our terms the writers are the freelancers who are free to apply. All our writers are supposed to have to either a masters or PHD degree. If you are writer and you would like to work with us send you resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    The customers are supposed to place the order following the order process for their specific jobs.  Once the writer accepts the terms of job, it is then the responsibility of the writer to complete the job within the agreed terms and condition while at the same ensuring the quality of the work. 

    Warranty disclaimer

    Fine-writers.com provides services that are without any express warrant or implied warrant. In no circumstance shall the Fine Writers be liable for any loss or damage that may arise from the use of this website. Furthermore, the Fine Writers does not warrant that its services will be secure or uninterrupted, the text graphs links or any other item contained in the material will be free of error. The company is also not reliable for any technical malfunctioning that arise as a result of failure of servers or providers or failure due to any email of technical 

    Limitation of Liability

    By using this website you agree that neither the fine-writers nor the any officer shareholder agent or any other third party will be liable for any claim and action of any kind that may arise from or related to the product including but not limited to email, network failure among other factors. 

    By using this website you will be affirming that you will not cause any damage whatever to the company if any way you fail to receive the product due to factors beyond our control such as disruption in the network 

    Through using this website you will be affirming that you will not cause harm to any of our company employee or the third party providers 

    Through using this website you will be affirming that you shall not hold our company and company affiliate website from any claims, suit or demand to pay for the legal fee arising from the use of the product from this website 




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