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    There are several types with most of them being variations of the four main types. A narrative essay is based on individual experience. When writing a narrative essay, a writer should perceive it as unfolding a story to make a point concerning the subject matter of the essay. Narrative essays should be anecdotal to the writer a chance to express him/herself in imaginative manner. A descriptive essay seeks to establish a profound involvement of the reader via correct use of vivid imagery. This type of essay shows the deep meaning of the subject by thoroughly capturing all the details and employing all the senses of the reader so as to present a clear picture. An expository essay gives a well-adjusted analysis of a subject through presentation of facts. Writers expound on the subject by using basic truths, figures and valid illustrations. The objective of a persuasive essay to sway the opinion of a reader towards with the writer’s point of view on a particular subject matter. The writer must base his/her arguments on facts and sound reasoning from all sides, then convey the correct position to the reader vividly and unequivocally.


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