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Areas of interest when writing a Netflix research paper:


Write something catchy about Netflix to capture the attention of the reader, for example, you can kick off your Netflix research paper;

Netflix is the leading online television payment service in the world with subscription style e-commerce service.

 State when Netflix was founded and name the founders. Give a brief history about the origin of Netflix. For instance, you can start your research by stating a few facts;

Netflix was established in 1997 by Marc Randolph and Reed Hastings. They started by offering DVD movies hiring services in the United States via mail order in San Francisco, California.

State briefly the implications of Netflix entrance into the entertainment industry. For example;

Netflix entrance into the market led to dip in the market share for normal television since 2007 when Netflix introduced streaming of movies and television shows for laptops and personal computers.

Discuss Netflix financial status and their performance in the financial markets;

In the last few years, Netflix viewers have increased from 17 million in 2010 to more than 40 million subscribers by January 2014. This has led to upsurge in total revenue. However Netflix net income fell to a record low in 2012 when they began production of their own programs. Netflix income fell to 17 million in 2012 from a record high of 226 million in 2011. Netflix profits have since been on an upward trend.

Discuss Netflix market strategy;

Netflix as a company have had its highs and lows in with regards to financial problems. Netflix has stretched their market into Europe and Africa thus increasing their customer base. This growth is consistent with their plan to lead the world’s entertainment industry. Contact us via our website for the best Netflix research help.








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