At We deliver best quality castigiano’s theory essay help. Alberto Castigiano (1847 – 1884) was an Italian structural engineer who advanced the technique of calculating the degree of deflection in structures. He used the strain energy method to calculate bending of a short length beam by taking the bending moment (M) is squared, over the flexural rigidity of the beam and solving for the integral of this fraction via partial integration methods.  Flexural rigidity of a beam is the extent of the rigidity of the beam that can be calculated by obtaining the product of elasticity and inertia dividing it by the length of a beam. Castigiano’s theorem of the derivatives of internal work of deformation expanded its function to include determination of rotation and displacement in the analysis of beam bending properties in engineering. Therefore, determination of strain energy is dependent on the change in the amount internal dynamism resulting from the appliance of an external force. 

    Castigiano’s theory essay largely concentrates on how materials of elastic nature tend to behave when subjected to physical stress. The theory is used in structural engineering to determine the effects of heavy cargo on physical erections such as bridges, buildings and heavy duty vehicles such as trucks. The suspension system of a heavy duty truck is fitted with leaf springs that work to expand volume of freight in transit and to inhibit drooping. Also, leaf springs installed in heavy duty truck suspension act as shock absorbers thus reducing incidences of damage to fragile merchandise.

    Other structures such as buildings and bridges are constructed with deflections due to different forces they encounter on a daily basis accounted for, to enhance safety. For this reason, construction of these structures must be planned and made to withstand some level of external load with a clearly defined in-built safety periphery. This is achieved through application of Castigiano’s theorem of beam displacement and bending. Contact us for Castigiano’s theory essay help services.

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